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How We Became "UNDAD's Kennels"

We started our life's adventure with the purchase of our first Great Dane. A beautiful 1½ yr old blue female named Sadie. (Pictured above) She was everything the Great Dane was supposed to be - gentle, smart, protective and goofy, with a curious nature. She made us fall in love with the Great Dane. She was an absolute cuddle bug and the dog of our dreams.
In 2013, we decided we wanted to breed Sadie just once so we could keep a puppy from her as well as bless friends and family who wanted a puppy also. A friend offered to let us use her male English Mastiff named Mack. At the time, we had never considered becoming breeders. We just wanted to have a piece of our girl. With this pairing of Sadie and Mack, we became Up North Daniffs. Sadie would onIy have one puppy - a pure black female we named C.C.
Shortly after giving birth, Sadie became very sick. We brought her to several vets and had many tests done, including an exploratory surgery. All were inconclusive. After two months we had pathology samples sent to the University of Minnesota. Unfortunately, the results came too late for Sadie and we lost her in October 2013. Mere weeks later, the results came back that showed her condition was treatable. If only we had known sooner,  maybe she'd still be here today. C.C. would go on to become the foundation female of our program and blessing us with 3 beautiful litters before retiring in 2016.
In 2017 we decided to shift our focus back to purebred Great Danes with the addition of our blue-fawn female named Freya. Since we didn't want to change our kennel name, we became Up North Daniffs and Danes, eventually shortening it to UNDAD'S Kennels in 2018. We have raised quality Great Danes in standard and non-standard colors ever since. Our goal is to produce well-tempered, healthy, Great Danes with sound structure, color is just a fun bonus. We have worked very hard and we are extremely proud of our program. 
All of our dogs are treated just like family and spoiled rotten. We feed them only the best food, daily supplements and vitamins. They see the vet regularly and go through all proper health testing. Our program is a labor of love. We only have one litter a year, and one breeding female at a time. Our females are bred no more than 3 or 4 times in their lifetime, and are retired before the age of 5. Most of the time a female will live out retirement here with us, with the occasional female being better off in a different home. Many hours of research and testing is done before we decide on a pairing. It's not about quantity for us.  It's about QUALITY. So, if you are searching for a breeder who will make you feel like family from the start, be there day or night for advice, to mentor you, to be proud of, to be your dogs biggest fan, then look no further. We look forward to getting to know you!

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